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If you click on Questions & Answers on the left of this page you will find the question most asked. Is your question not answered please mail to shop@hbhairshop.nl or call + 31 (316) 263641 and ask for Hans Bolder.

Postal address  
Hans Bolder Hairstyle: Pastoriestraat 21, 6921 BX Duiven, The Netherlands
  Kerkstraat 6, 6941 AG Didam, The Netherlands
Kreatief Kappers: Pastoriestraat 23, 6921 BX Duiven, The Netherlands
General information: shop@hbhairshop.nl
Sales: shop@hbhairshop.nl
Customer support: shop@hbhairshop.nl
Webmanagement: shop@hbhairshop.nl
Shopmanagement: shop@hbhairshop.nl